Classics – Vol. 1

Take a page right out of a Pottery Barn catalog by opening up your space to this timeless aesthetic.


Classics Vol. I is great for hosts with a traditional or transitional American rental with the comfort, quality, and style to match. The familiar warmth of the Classics Suitebook™ will make guests feel right at home.

Open this Suitebook™ to discover the fondly familiar aesthetics of transitional interior design. Color palettes are neutral with a contemporary pop that's particularly popular among millennials. Clean, crisp lines dance with life-like realism resulting in a welcome book that's both masculine, feminine, and 3D in nature.



Explore comfortable American homes with transitional decor.
Explore minimal-modern with abstracts and mid-century lines.

Explore bold, eclectic, and exotic styles with urban flair.


Get ALL volumes of Suitebook™ for growing Airbnb empires.


Every time a new brand version is added to a Suitebook™ volume collection, the one-time price increases incrementally until we reach our capped template quota per volume – that gives early birds the home ROI advantage! 

Would you rather not keep up with new releases? Upgrade to Suitebinder™ and get every future volume we'll ever make for one, low bundled price.


*Suitebinder comes with a QR code that redirects to a "link list" with custom branding.
Suitebook™ comes with a QR code that redirects directly to a public Canva link.

"This was a gorgeous home, nice neighborhood, and close to so many things. The home is exactly like the pictures, just beautiful and very comfortable. This AirBnB is one of my top places I’ve stayed at! The host was great with communication and answered all my questions before we arrived. And when we got there, the beautiful welcome book answered everything else. I definitely felt at home, and the energy here was so good. I know this place was created intentionally and with lots of love. Thank you for sharing your space with us. ☺️ 100 percent would recommend anyone to stay at this amazing home. Such a gem – don't miss this one!"

– Rachel, Future Guest


Due to the nature of this digital product, all Suitebook™ purchases are FINAL. We've mitigated the "risk" for you by not only making Suitebook™ extremely affordable, but we are periodically adding themes or "skins" to make your invest grow overtime...without the subscription fee. And let's be honest, you've probably made worse decisions than spending $20 on an easy, beautiful template that's yours...forever.

Suitebook™ uses "coffee table book" like graphics that go beyond the flat color and boring layout of most Etsy templates. We also include a QR code that links directly to your Suitebook™ online with added benefits via a Suitebinder™ upgrade.

Front Cover, Welcome Letter, Table of Contents, Host Introduction, About the Home, Rental Snapshot: checkout, parking, other instructions, Amenities, Rental Rules, General Instructions, Area Highlight, Things to Do, Places to See, Restaurants, Contacts, Health and Safety, WiFi Password, Tips for Your Stay, Instagram, Extra Services, FAQs, Thank You Back Cover

Heck no, man...we've got kiddos to feed! This Canva Template is made for personal use only. This means you may use the template to create a guide/book for your own private property use, but YOU MAY NOT resell template, bundle it with other products, or share it in any other way, including claiming it as your own or offering it for free or for sale online. Contact us if you'd like to become a Suitebuddies™ affiliate partner to open another stream of income and share profits together.

We structured each Suitebook™ Welcome Book to be a collection of themes or "skins" bound by a common layout or "volume." You end up getting four templates for the price of one!  The Suitebook™ product itself will exist and be updated as long as the foundational services used to create it are operating or the Suitebook™ owner doesn't die. Because if I died, there wouldn't be any lifetime updates, only final ones.


As a graphic designer who's created content in many business niches, I noticed a creative gap for home manual guides. The ones I saw were "Plain Jane" and lacked any captivating, personality-driven content. I'm confident your Suitebook™ Welcome Book will increase the ROI on your properties. If you decide to become a part of the Suitebook™ society, thank you...and WELCOME!